Tiny Tonkas from Japan

Japanese snorkel pumper. An interesting snorkel pumper from Japan. See the tinytonkatoys.com for another example. These appear to be from the late 1970s, but I haven’t see a box or other material to confirm this.

Japanese wrecker. Made in Japan for the Japanese market. This same design was used by Tonka Rico / Mini-Sanson for many years, but never (as far as I know) made in the U.S. Notice the door sticker has the country of manufacture printed on it (“Tonka Japan”) like many others in this era like those from Canada or New Zealand. An interesting “feature” of this toy (and a trash truck I also have; identical to the U.S. version) is that the plastic on the hubs had reacted with the rubber on the tires over the 30+ years this toy sat in storage. The hubs (which aren’t the same hard PVC [?] of nearly every other Tiny Tonka I’ve seen) were/are in a slow state of “melting” off the tires!  I don’t know much about plastics, but I have seen this sort of reaction between plastic and rubber toys previously.


Japanese semi truck. An interesting hauler made for the Japanese market also featured on tinytonkatoys.com. I haven’t seen too many others, though I understand there a some out there in other collections. Notice the single axle on the trailer; most of the U.S.-made trailers featured twin axles (auto transports/car carriers are a notable exception). The box shows a semi (also with one rear axle) that I haven’t seen elsewhere (the lowbow and fire truck appear similar or identical to the U.S.-made versions). This toy came by the way of a collector in France, oddly enough.


Semi and car carrier. This photo was sent to me from Japan and shows a car carrier with a rear ramp that lowers (Tonka Rico / Mini Sanson made a version like this in Spain; see tinytonkatoys.com from an example in blue). Also shown a semi truck with a single rear axle like the one above.

Japanese tanker truck. More from Japan, this shows a tanker style used in other Tonka series, but one which I’ve never seen before in the Tiny Tonka size. It’s so odd it almost looks fake, but the tires/axle on the fuel tank are consistent with a Tiny Tonka.

[update: I received some pictures of another one of these with a box]


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